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Cafézinho Sample



    • In order to receive a free sample, you must use the promo code you were given at checkout.
    • There is a limit of (1) sample per person and (1) sample per order. If you want more samples, give the code to a friend!
    • All samples will be shipped at the same time once the giveaway is over
    • Samples contain whole beans to ensure freshness and will need to be ground before consumption. It's enough for 1-2 brews.

A 2 oz. sample of our flagship blend 'Cafézinho', a world favorite medium roast. Made with the best selection of Brazil’s intense coffee culture, cafézinho is nutty, chocolaty with a touch of brown spices flavor. An omni roast, goes well as your morning drip to a late night espresso. Farmed in Carmo de Minas, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.